Lucky number 3

You know how a picture tells a thousand words?  Here’s the story of this one.  When Paddy and Bede were born, three years ago, they became the third generation of male twins in a row on Shane’s side.  Wow, what a perfect photo opportunity I hear you say.  Well, one would think.  However it has taken three years, countless planned and then cancelled photo ops and the kind of logistical planning that could launch a rocket to get these six people in the same place, at the same time and prepared to stand together for a photo.  Mostly because they’re all pretty laid back (well, that remains to be seen with my boys, might be my genes playing a part!) and whilst they’ve thought that this is a good idea, they’ve been of the firm belief that they’ll do it another day, somewhere outside, when I’m not in my work clothes, when the boys are older…until FINALLY, today, it happened.  Coincidentally, with the least notice given to participants.

But with the time constraints, I hadn’t had the time to plan the boys outfits and I made the mistake of thinking that Shane would be capable of choosing his own clothes so with five minutes until the designated meeting time, I quickly selected three semi clean jumpers and hustled them into the car.  On the way to the car, Paddy decided to stomp in the mud in his new white shoes (why did I buy white shoes?!) and then scrape it all over his pants and the car seat.  Luckily, there was a pair of odd gumboots in the car that he could wear.  Uncle Dave had a similar problem with mud on his shoes so he’d left them at the door and wasn’t wearing any which was thoughtful for the staff at the nursing home where Graeme is and I just had to make sure that I put him at the back.  At this point, it’s worth noting that Graeme and Dave are fraternal twins like Paddy and Bede whilst Shane and Darren are identical – they’re easy enough to tell apart now but not even they know who is who in their kinder photo.

I didn’t have much time to plan seating arrangements and in the end, I had only my phone to take the picture and due to the inclement weather, the dining room curtains as a back drop and two tired threenagers to set the timer.  Bede had decided to bring Woody along and spent the first 300 photos chewing on his leg and looking anywhere but at me so they were a right off.  Paddy was pretty keen to say ‘cheese’ but then he over acted on the smile and often shut his eyes or flourished his hands a bit much and at times, Shane had a pained look on his face whilst trying to juggle the boys and keep smiling.  So, 30958678 clicks later, this is the best we got. And then, once everyone had dispersed,  I realised that the curtain had scrunched in at some point. But it’s a moment in time and one day we’ll be glad we’ve got it.



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