What a pain in the back!

Hooley Dooley.  What a week it has been around these parts.  A few fairly important things around our house decided to give up the battle this week, including my back.

It all started on Monday (can’t trust that day) well I think it did but I can’t pinpoint the moment in time my back decide to ache and pinch and make life a little bit unbearable but it was some time Monday.  Never mind, I thought, I’ve had this so many times before, I’ll just get an appointment at the chiropractor and I’ll be fine.  Except I couldn’t get an appointment until Friday morning.  That night, the dishwasher decided to pack it in.  And I know it’s such a first world problem but bloody hell I hate washing dishes.

This week, Shane’s worst fears were realised and the rooster has started learning how to crow.  Which is actually a bit cute because he’s not very good at it and even the kookaburras laugh; which means we have quite the cacophony in the morning just to add to the mix.

L-R: Neptune. Sushi, Pick a Posie and Octopus.  Neptune is wrapped with his crowing. 

During the week I realised that all it takes is one day of not doing the washing or picking up the mess of the day for it all to go a bit pear shaped.  I also realised that the boys can actually be quite helpful now and do things like – let the dog in and out 50 times a day, find the remote to watch more of ‘Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures’, climb into the fridge and bring me cheesesticks to unwrap for them, reach the fruit bowl to take two bits out of everything and put it back.  It’s probably been a fairly boring week for the boys because we’ve done lots of inside activities and they are predominately outside kids.  We’ve played catch with stress balls, I’ve been a superhero that doesn’t move much from the couch much to their distress and we’ve drawn, done stickers and read ’til the cows came home so I’m up a couple of dozen books up on the 1000 books before school at the moment which is a bonus.  Also, the seat heater in my car stopped working.  I cannot believe that I’m complaining about that when there are serious problems in the world, but I’m feeling a bit fragile.

Bringing the bins in is a new skill. 

Finally Friday rolled around and relief was just around the corner, although to be fair, by Friday the pain was now down to an intense dull ache.  I am so fascinated by chiropractors and how they magically (or after years of study and practice) know what is wrong and how to fix it with a few prods here and there.  Over the past couple of years since I started having these ‘back episodes’ they are definitely up there with my favourite people.  Apparently it’s got something to do with my pelvis tilting the wrong way which is fine until the rest of my back gets sick of over compensating and then bang.  And I hadn’t been having my ‘maintenance’ appointments because this working one day a fortnight is absolutely hammering me.  Seriously.  You should see the state of my brows because I can’t get organised enough to make an appointment.  But I am now well and truly on the path to recovery which I’m sure everyone around here is thankful for – not least Bede who told me yesterday that I was ‘grinding his gears’ .  Probably a fair call.  And I’m super thankful that it wasn’t my side of the electric blanket that just suddenly stopped working on Saturday night.


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