A wee update

During the course of my foray into motherhood, I’ve encountered quite a few people, mainly men, who tell me that the thing that puts them off about babies is the nappies.  Early on, I always thought, ‘are you serious?’ the nappies are nothing compared to the fact that you’ve got to get these babes to sleep (which I’ve failed pretty miserably at unless we’re driving) and fed.  Now, I would say, nappies are nothing, absolutely nothing compared with the trials of toilet training.

Driving a car apparently.  

We are currently smack bang in the middle of toilet training or whatever the politically correct term is because apparently it’s not training because they’re not dogs. On that point, we also welcomed Peggy-Sue the Huntaway x Saluki (or mongrel as the vet lovingly called her) over the past few weeks and she’s also learning the art of where and when to wee.  So I feel like I could do with a sponsorship deal from a paper towel and/or disinfectant wipe company. I started out by stocking up on exorbitantly priced novelty toilet training nappies with cartoon characters on them and more reasonably priced jocks with dinosaurs on them.  And away we went.  I didn’t bother to read any tips or tricks or parenting manuals because I’ve had trouble following the instructions before so we just went for it.

The first few days were trying.  There was wee (we’ve been lucky thus far on the number 2 front) everywhere.  They’d come running to say ‘come and look! I juts did wee in the corner.  Look, over there!’ and they were so bloody proud of themselves I told them it was great.  But next time come and tell me.  So they did – ‘look mum! I just did wee on the verandah’.  At times, it was a competition of the most or weirdest places wee could be done.  So then I ventured to K Mart and got one of those ladder toilet seat things and it was an absolute game changer.  As of today, we’ve had more wees on the toilet than any of the other creative places I’ve found it in the past and I am now a bit more hopeful.  Now to see how we go in public…

Throwback to when they were babes, had cool clothes and started wrestling. 


In other news, the boys have taken to wrestling each other again.  This was something they used to do as babies and was pretty cute because they looked like little puppies rolling around and they didn’t seem to hurt each other.  Now they’e progressed to some fairly serious take down manoeuvres and it always ends up with one or both of them in tears no matter how hard I try to persuade them that this will be the case.  So of course this happened today, right in the middle of a happy little play session with all 6583945 of their toy cars.  Paddy took down Bede with an around the back of the head trick and he landed flat on his back.  Bede screamed, rightly so.  I was about to intervene when Paddy ran past me and said ‘don’t worry Bede’ so I stopped and watched.  Paddy went to the freezer and got Bede an icy pole and said to him ‘I’m sorry I hurt you Bede’.  And Bede said ‘that’s ok Paddy.  You’re the best brother in the whole world.’ And let him have a taste of his icy pole.  Then they sat and discussed the fact that some of the cars are sharp and it hurts and they shouldn’t hurt each other and then had a little hug.  Out of the mouths of babes, I tell ya.  It almost brought a tear to my eye.  Almost.  I just went on with the next load of washing and waited for the next stoush.  But it gave me hope that they might be lovely young men one day.


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