In sickness and in health

We’ve been sick.  It was actually on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend but it’s taken me this long to recover my faculties enough to talk about, and to catch up with the washing.  It was our first proper experience of sickness.  Sure, the boys had suffered from the odd cold complete with a small cough and runny nose, but nothing prepared us for this kind of sickness.  They never wasted a feed when they were babies and so I’m not sure who was more surprised when they began vomiting, me or them.  I had no idea what to do and so I found myself attempting to ‘catch’ the fluid spewing from their mouths (the first time) which was a ridiculous idea – I can’t even catch a ball let alone partially digested food.

And so the next few days continued.  However, I’ve got to hand it to the boys.  In between bouts of vomiting, they were fine.  Jumping around pretending to be a frog, singing, reading books, generally enjoying life.  I like to think that the boys will live in an Australia that has finally become a Republic, if not in my lifetime, at least in theirs, so perhaps their illness was a messy protest against the Monarchy.  At least, that’s what I thought about when several days after I’d cleaned up the last vomit, I succumbed to ‘the bug’ and spent the night vomiting and wondering how to put a positive spin on this long weekend from hell.

The evidence of illness.  Washing.  Lots of it.  

I’m not very good at being sick.  I’d put any ‘man flu’ victims to shame.  I like to walk around with a mournful expression on my face and say ‘do I look sick?  Just so the person, usually Shane, will say, ‘yes’.  I even ‘live texted’ my night of agony to Shane and I was quite miffed that he didn’t reply let alone come and see if I was ok.  Perhaps he was asleep. The dog, bless his soul, did come in to check on me before sauntering back to his spot in front of the fire.  What I really wanted was someone to put a towel on my pillow, give me some disprin, a bucket and some Zooper Doopers.  The following day, I told him that I had internal injuries consistent with blunt force trauma to the abdomen.  I was quite proud of that line and I credit hours upon hours spent watching ‘The Doctor Blake Mysteries’ for coming up with it.

Ever the optimist, I have come up with a few positives from this most recent experience:

  1. The fact that we don’t have carpet.  Clean up is so much easier.
  2. Heated flooring in our bathroom.  It made my stay much more comfortable.
  3. Leather couches.  Although somewhat of a challenge to my current half arsed attempt at transitioning to veganism, I must say, clean up was a breeze.
  4. Healthy babes.  Because we’re actually #blessed to have not experienced this kind of trauma before.
  5. Cheds.  Food from heaven.
  6. Foxtel.  We haven’t quite got the whole NBN/Netlifx thing sorted yet but I was lucky enough to watch a marathon of “Sister Wives”.

Onwards and upwards comrades.



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