On our selection

Well, we’ve had an eventful 24 hours.  It all started about 6 months ago when we started thinking about getting the boys some kind of outdoor playground.  Shane is a thinker and a bargain hunter, hence taking this long to find the perfect playground. Behold the “Skyfort II’.   But it was in Sydney.  So then he had to search for a reasonable freight carrier to get it here.  Long story short, the stars aligned and yesterday was delivery day.  We were away for the day enjoying one of our 940 Saturdays but all was in place for a quick drop off.  Alas, this was not to be.

When we pulled into the driveway I said ‘oh they’re still here.  What are they doing over there?’  Bogged apparently.

Look I know that technically this time was not Shane’s fault, but I’ve been with him long enough to know that things like this have a habit of happening to us. So while I got the boys through the nighttime routine, Shane scrounged around for a ute and tried to pull the truck out but it was no use.  So the truckies decided to call it quits, stay at the local motel, have a few beers and worry about it in the morning.

In the interim, Shane did some ringing around to try and find a tractor to aid in the recovery.  Typical farmers.  You know how the header always breaks down in the first week of harvest?  Well one tractor was stuck behind a bulldozer that was in pieces, another was unregistered.  Yet another didn’t have a battery and no one was really sure where the 970 was.

Come Sunday morning a tractor did make it’s way to the scene and I naively thought, ‘well, it won’t be long now’.  As I said, these things have a habit of happening and I don’t think it’s ever gone smoothly or in a time efficient manner.  But, I’m an eternal optimist and there’s always a silver lining and we had a real life tractor AND truck in the yard so it was perfect entertainment from the boys.   I loved their running commentary ‘dad on the tractor’, ‘dad get out of the tractor’, ‘what’s that man doing?’, ‘oh no’, ‘what happened?’, ‘I’m a bit sad for tractor’.  This last statement was when the wheels were spinning and nothing was going anywhere.

Eventually, the truck and its trailer were liberated from the mud (who would have thought it possible to get bogged on the edge of the desert?) the Skyfort II was unloaded and life returned to normal on our selection.  By the time the Skyfort II (I don’t think we can ever just call it just a playground, it’s taken on a life of its own) gets built – and I give it 12 months, but Shane thinks he can manage it in 6, I think we’ll need to have an opening ceremony.



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