When two becomes one…

Who doesn’t love a Spice Girls reference?? Anyway, today, the boys were separated for an entire day for the first time in their lives. After being womb mates for about 38 weeks and room mates for two years, today, they weren’t in each other’s back pocket. And I think they quite liked it.

Paddy had a bit of a rough night and woke up very snotty and snooty and cranky and apparently suffering from a toddler version of the man flu. But Bede was pretty excited about daycare – he’s taken to throwing his hands in the air with excitement as he lists all the things he will do there – mostly reading books and riding bikes. So I packed his lunch and bag and dropped him off (he waved me off as he took to the jigsaw puzzles so he might have another activity to add to his list), worried about how the poor little babes would cope without each other for the day and was secretly a little bit excited to see what life with one child was like.

I spent most of the day worried that I had left Bede somewhere. It was really weird being able to go to the post office without dragging the pram up the steps and not to have to break up fights about the ownership of various toys, especially the stash of new cars they received for their birthdays.

For most of the day, Paddy was a stage 5 clinger. He was tired and emotional and full of snot and just wanted to be held, look at photo albums and read books. So that’s what we did. It was really nice to just be able to do that and only that for one child. Ever since the boys stormed into our world, I’ve felt quite overwhelmed and anxious and questioned daily whether I’m doing an ok job of this whole motherhood thing. And today I had time to just stop and relax and breathe and enjoy the moment. Which I did. For a bit. And then the old mother guilt came back and I was worried that I was spending all this time with Paddy (even though he was sick) and that Bede was all alone at daycare.

And then I started to realize why people have their children close together. It was actually quite easy to have one child so I could conceivably (haha punny!) think that having a tiny baby would be an ok idea.

And then, after reading ‘Paraphernalia’s Present’ and ‘Kangaroo Played His Didgeridoo’ about 548375 each, we both really started to miss Bede and came to the conclusion that good things come in pairs and we went to pick him up.

Well, I needn’t have worried about Bede on his own in the big wide world. He had an absolute ripper of a day but I think he was glad to see us.


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