Growing kids is hard work

This motherhood gig had been going pretty well for me lately. I think we had sort of found ourselves in this mysterious, elusive thing I’d read about that was called a routine. The boys were sleeping well during the day, not bad during the night and we were coasting along quite well. I was getting a bit too smug so we were due for a fall. And my, how we fell.

Today was horrendous. I haven’t had a day like it for a long time but it did bring back awful feelings of anxiety and stress and serious self doubt about my ability to make it to the magic hour of 5pm when Shane would be home to sweep in and save us all.

I don’t know where it wrong but I think we were doomed from the start. Paddy was up at 10pm last night and I hadn’t yet gone to bed because I was hooked on reading Rosie Waterland’s memoir and then I was up with him until 2am. It did give me a good opportunity to indulge in my passions – namely looking up and trying to find the perfect dog on to convince Shane we should get Tex a friend. He then decided 5am was a reasonable time to be awake for the day and stood by the side of the bed telling me to ‘get up mama’ until I eventually did. Bede joined the party soon after and the day rapidly went downhill. The crying and tantrums nearly did me in but the knowledge that the new season of “Real Housewives of NYC” was on ‘express from the US’ at 1:35pm kept me going.

And then, I discovered that “In the Night Garden” **is no longer on at 11:30 which is what we watch before they (usually) peacefully meander off to bed. I’m not laying (all) the blame with the ABC Kids programming schedule (although I need someone to blame) but that was enough to set them off into another downward spiral of tears, throwing themselves on the ground and claiming that the other had pushed them – they’re getting quite good at this ‘dobbing’ business.

Here’s a list of things that the boys lost their minds about today:

  • That I made them wear shoes and socks to go outside and play in the dirt
  • That Tex (our dog) wouldn’t take his shoes off despite the fact they asked him about 100 times
  • That dad has grandpa’s car because it has blown their minds and they can’t understand why people don’t just use their own cars
  • That ‘iggle piggle’ wasn’t on and I hadn’t recorded any episodes
  • That the trailer wouldn’t attach the truck
  • That there is only one kombi matchie to play with
  • That we ran out of pirate stickers and only had stars left
  • That I gave them their usual drink bottles instead of putting water in a bottle

These are just the ones I remember. So this afternoon, we did the only sensible thing. Piled into the car, drove to Maccas for a soy flat white (I’ve become quite partial to the convenience of them and it turns out, I’m not that fussy about coffee) listened to The Black Sorrows (so I could relive my recent meeting with the beautiful Claude Carranza and because I couldn’t stand another session of Play School nursery rhymes) and cruise past some of the houses I found on in the wee hours. What keeps me going is the knowledge that it’s pretty rare to have two really horrendous days in a row.

**We don’t actually watch that much TV despite what this post would have you believe.  Most of the time we listen to podcasts or the dulcet tones of 774.  But even almost two year olds need some escapism! Come to think of it, could the passive viewing of the’Real Housewives…’ have something to do with the tantrums??


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