3 Milestones and a Hot Tip!

As I was standing at the kitchen sink eating naan bread and drinking champagne this evening (which is where I ‘hide’ because if I sit down or am remotely visible whilst they’re building Duplo they simply must share whatever it is I’ve got), I realised that we’ve hit a few milestones lately.  And here they are – in no particular order:

1. We don’t use the pram as much. It makes me a little be sad to think that I have more pram pushing days behind me than ahead of me.  They now prefer to sit on their trike and then get out and walk.  Which is apparently great for all sorts of developmental things, but far out, it makes a trip to the supermarket long as they stop to inspect every single ‘pretty flower’, run their fingers along chain mesh fences and marvel at the two windmills we pass.  I also don’t use the runabout pram as much anymore because they’re getting much better at following instructions.  I used to have to use it to get into playgroup, swimming etc etc.  Now, we have a talk about what where we’re going in the car on the way and how they have to hold my hand and generally, it’s working out ok.  We went to a music class today and apart from Bede escaping to the library, we managed quite well.  And to be honest, if that’s his place of hiding, I’m pretty happy.


2.  They can turn their own bikes around.  The boys are completely obsessed with their three wheeler trikes complete with trailers (pink because colours are for crayons and the shop was sold out of yellow and I couldn’t stand another moment with just one trailer).  They scoot around on them constantly, love ramming into things and saying ‘oh dear, crash’ or ‘poor mama’ when they run into my ankles.  They fill the trailers up with all sorts of odds and ends, and I must admit, I quite like checking out what is important in their world at any given time, and they regularly lose their mind because they’re ‘stuck’.  I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had to reattach trailers and turn them around.  The trailer problem was fixed by cable ties (thanks Grandy!) and today I realised, they could now turn around on their own!  We have a long, narrow walk in pantry which has been the source of much frustration as they go in to find some raisin bread only to be unable to turn around.  I’m becoming more and more redundant every day.


3. They both slept through the night.  On the same night.  Look, I generally tend to agree with my hero Pinky McKay that baby sleep is not actually a milestone even thought it might feel like one.  I find it a bit weird that we expect tiny little creatures to do what so many adults cannot – sleep through the night.  I know I often get up to go to the loo, get a drink, think about what I’m going to make for lunch, write some things on the shopping list etc.  In my years, I’ve sort of worked out how to get back to sleep but at not even two, the boys are still working it out.  Anyway, Shane is a bit of a numbers man and he likes to know how many days old the boys are which I think is about 750ish and so it’s about a 1/750 occurrence that both boys will sleep through the night on the same night.  Did we?  No.  Have they don’t it again? No.  But that’s ok.  I kind of like having the little buggers in bed and seeing the delight in their faces when they wake up at about 5:58 and exclaim ‘awake! Wake up mama!’


Hot Tip – In my experience, you are more likely to have to deal with a poo explosion when you’re on the road.  Usually when the children are dressed in their best clothes and you have somewhere to be.  It is also my experience that ‘travel’ baby wipes are shit.  Pun intended.  Get a refillable tub and keep it well stocked with heavy duty, regular wipes.  And try to remember to keep an equally cool outfit in the nappy bag.  You’re welcome.


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