Just keep swimming!

I once received a piece of advice that when raising twins, ‘it doesn’t necessarily get any easier, but the challenges change’.  So far, it’s been pretty accurate.  This year we’ve got a few new challenges.  Amongst other things, we’ve also started swimming lessons because swimming is an important life skill around these parts, especially when they stand at the door, stare and say ‘pool’ longingly.

We haven’t done lessons previously, frankly, because I couldn’t quite work out how I would manage two babies in the pool on my own.  But we’ve spent a great deal of time in our pool at home teaching important skills like correct ‘bomb’ procedure and how to kick for maximum splash effect.  However, the time has come to get some formal lessons.   Through the magic of Facebook I was able to find lessons in Warracknabeal with an amazing teacher who was willing to help me out by taking one boy during the lessons.

The lesson began at 10:30 so we had to be in the car by about 9:30 because, of course, I needed fuel and I was also picking up my mother in law because I had no idea of where I was going, how successful I’d be at getting them both changed or whether they’d both be set to stay in the pool the whole time and she had kindly offered to help me out.  After packing three bags – bathers, swim nappies, towels, plastic bags, normal nappies, changes of clothes, snacks, drinks and the kitchen sink, we were set.

Found the place no worries – turns out it’s pretty well signposted, met the teacher who was probably even lovelier and more welcoming IRL (which is apparently In Real Life and I’ve quite taken to this little acronym), quick change of nappies and we were set.  Luckily I’d foreseen the fact that I’d be pressed for time and doubted the boys would let me get changed without screaming down the house so I wore my togs under a dress.  So we lined up with the regular swimming lesson attendees and waited our turn for a shower before getting in the pool. The boys HATE showers so I was a bit apprehensive about it but…they didn’t mind which was an excellent indication of things to come.

They clung to me furiously for the first half of the lesson and I’m sure they were wondering why they weren’t allowed out to work on their running jumps and I was thankful for the fact that they weren’t as heavy once in the water – is that physics or something?? They did much better than I anticipated and at some point in the lesson, Bede even went to the teacher as per the plan and it all went quite swimmingly (haha).

Out of the pool, quick change of clothes (for them) I was resigned to being in wet clothes for the next little while, especially after Bede decided that he would wee on my towel mid change and then laugh hysterically about it, and we set off for the park for a snack and quick play.

There are few things better than a few slabs of watermelon after a swim and few things better than tired boys guaranteed to sleep for a while after a full morning of activity.  So we piled back into the car, dropped nana at home and toured the Wimmera while they slept and I listened to my latest find – the Osher Gunsberg podcast.

And we’ll be off to do it all again next week.


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