Saturday #94 (ish)

At some point in the middle of some night some time ago, I read an article online about how there are approximately 940 Saturdays between the time when your child is born and when they leave to go to university. This is assuming two things: 1. That your child will go to university and 2. that they will leave home to do so. I can hardly joke about leaving home because I reckon I currently hold the world record for times moved home (more about this another time perhaps). But the fact remains that this is actually a frighteningly tiny number of Saturdays between bringing home a baby (or babies) and somehow turning them into amazing young adults. I’m not great at maths, but I asked Shane and we think we’re up to about 94.

To celebrate we decided to go to Halls Gap. We usually go to Halls Gap for ice cream but this time we thought we’d branch out a bit and go for a little bush walk first. We did some research before we left and discovered that the Silverbrand Falls walk was short and pram accessible (the words ‘short’ and ‘easy’ in the description also appealed to me) so off we set.



Bede walked the entire way (about 2kms round trip) with one hand ‘helping’ to push the pram and his dummy firmly stuck in his mouth, he was a boy on a mission and his single mindedness and cracking pace reminded us of my dear dad. Paddy, on the other hand, took a leaf straight out of my book, and opted for a seat for some of the way. They loved it. The stopped to smell the wild flowers, pick up sticks and wave to the other people on the path. On the way back we saw a deer quenching his thirst at the trickle of a creek and pointed it out to the boys. Paddy stood there saying ‘oh dear’ with such concern in his voice despite our efforts to explain it was ‘a deer’. Ahhh, the English language.


By this stage, it was hot. We stopped at the chemist to get some swim nappies and checked out the toddler pool/splash park at the pool. I’ve been to a few this summer and I must say, this is one of the best. I’m quite proud of myself for not only remembering hats and drink bottles but also sunscreen! After this, we deserved our ice cream. Rainbow and boysenberry in a waffle cone. Amazing.



And then it was home again at the end of Saturday #94. We’ve had some pretty ordinary and boring Saturdays in our time but on the flip side, we’ve had some pretty great Thursdays. Someone somewhere once said ‘carpe diem’. Sounds like a pretty good tattoo and/or cliche life motto.




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