The day I acted like a real parent

Today I did something that I haven’t done before.  But now that it’s done, I feel like it’s the kind of thing a real parent does.  As soon as it was done, I felt like I had crossed a bridge, passed a test, made a gigantic leap into parenthood.  It wasn’t amazing and I don’t think it makes me a good parent.  But without even thinking, I said and did what millions of parents have done for time immemorial and I’ll probably do lots more times.  It’s really boring and pedestrian and perhaps not even that remarkable.  Today I confiscated a toy.

The offending toy in lockdown. 

Usually we have two of everything (funny that) so I haven’t needed to deal this situation before.  They’re also really good at sharing – even for almost two year olds whose impulse control is virtually non existent.  I think they like the praise they get from us when they share so sometimes they even clap themselves and say ‘yay’ when they’ve been charitable.  But today there was no reasoning and no winning.

We’ve been having a bit of a declutter lately and found a few things they haven’t played with for a while so this little playground thing is quite the novelty again; despite the fact that they outgrew it about a year ago.  There is barely enough room for one of them in the middle now, let alone two, but of course, they both want to sit in there and play at exactly the same time.  This morning this resulted in hair pulling, slapping, pushing and screams of ‘uh uh’ and ‘no!’ (said rather forcefully, complete with pointed finger.  I’m not sure where this impersonation comes from).  I warned them.  I told them that if they couldn’t play nicely, then I would have to take the toy.  As a side note, I speak to the boys like this all the time.  I ask them to do things and if they don’t do it immediately, I say ‘are you going to do this of your own volition or do I have to help you?’ and, believe it or not, they are starting to do things of their own volition by the time I’ve counted down from 3 to 1 (my maths skills aren’t great so they don’t get much more time than that).  And, given that they can understand some pretty complex instructions, their behaviour indicated that they were indeed not going to play nicely.  So the playground was confiscated.  And put into lockdown in the spa.  A fairly significant tantrum ensued.  But they soon moved on to being their charming little selves and I’m thinking about selling that playground thing.  If only I could find all the parts…

Bede and Tex taking it easy.  Tex was trying to eat a bit of lamb (Ewan the Dream Sheep) but I stopped him.  Because we’re off our chops in this house.  #meatfree



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