Snake! Fire! Vomit!

Just casually had a snake in the back yard today.  Well, the snake was casual, I was less relaxed about it all.

The day had begun like any other; that is to say early, with a banana smoothie and a good dose of those dastardly Wiggles.  It was also bloody hot which I suppose is usual for summer.  We played outside for a bit – in the swings, the cubby and the slide.  Checked for trains and the boys passed me pegs to hang up the washing  which is one of their favourite jobs.


Paddy is that good at putting himself to sleep these days that he did so on the lounge room floor at about 9:30 and slept for about half an hour.  This was fine except that he refused to nap for the rest of the day and absolutely LOST HIS MIND at about 6pm, grabbed his giraffe, his sleeping bag and demanded ‘nigh nigh’.  And why wouldn’t he after the day we had??

Sometime between blocks, trucks, books and lunch I happened to notice that Tex was looking quite under the weather.  At this point I should mention that Sam, our beloved little Jack Russell and oldest boy is no longer with us.  Just before Christmas we had to make the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep and we’ve been too sad to talk about it.  He’s been buried at the farm so he can chase rabbits and keep an eye on the paddocks for all eternity.  But I digress, Tex was a bit heatstroke and so I decided to give him one of his icy poles, a hose down and some time outside under the window where the air conditioner is as its best.

Rest in Peace you cheeky little bugger!

Tex only ever barks when there is a reptile in the immediate vicinity.  Lizards don’t worry me – not even the fairly large stumpy tails and lace monitors that we get over here.  But snakes still give me the creeps.  I assumed this was just another lizard and resolved to go and help it leave the yard so it could sun bake in peace.  And then I realised it was a snake.  And then I saw it snaking its way across the grass.  And then I hightailed it out of there.  And rang Shane.  Because that’s what I usually do in a crisis.  His words to me were literally ‘oh don’t worry about it, it’ll be right’.


I spent the rest of the afternoon checking nooks and crannies inside making sure the snake hadn’t found a better place to hang out.  I’ve read that can happen and that once some people sat on the couch to find a snake under the cushions.  Well – that didn’t happen today and so I suppose everything will be ‘right’.  (In his defence, he did come home from work but couldn’t find the snake and we decided it must have been scared away – hopefully a long way away.

Phew.  That crisis is apparently averted for another day.  But then…Shane’s parents came careering up the driveway because apparently there was a fire across the road and they could see the smoke and heard where it was and thought that I must have needed help.  I usually have my finger on the pulse but completely missed this saga until I actually walked out the front and looked.  Turns out it was a grassfire and was brought under control fairly quickly (the CFA are the best!).

Tex personifies the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude. 

By this stage, the end was in sight – it was almost 4:30 and I could almost hear the rattle of Shane’s car in the driveway when I decided I’d go to the toilet.  Of course the boys followed me and decided to jump on our bed while they waited to take turns to flush the toilet – because it’s also up there with one of their favourite activities.  I emerged from the ensuite just in time to see Paddy vomiting all over the doona.  Grouse.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow?


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