Pool Now Open!

I’ve never aspired to have a house with a pool, but I must say on days like today, when it’s 5432 degrees C in the shade, I’m pretty bloody happy we’ve got one. It’s so much nicer to just step into your backyard rather than having to get about in swimwear in public. And the fact that you can just nip back inside afterwards and not have to navigate getting dry enough to get in the car, on the bike or walk home, negating any benefit that the swim just gave you is also quite pleasant.

Today, quite appropriately on the first weekend in December, our pool officially opened for business.

In years gone by, we primarily used our pool as a place to sit and drink beer in (because the previous owners evidently liked a drink as much as we do/did, there’s a bench seat and a table and place for an umbrella). Now, we use it to wear the boys out at the end of a long, hot day in the hope they will do this magical thing called ‘sleep through’.

How we used to use the pool.

This afternoon we were all prepared. Cute onsie style togs with pineapple theme – sort of the same but different, life jackets, towels with hoods, sunscreen, the works. Last year it took us longer to get ready than we actually spent in the water, this year, we’re much quicker.

First swim last year.

Paddy has a fascination with bathrooms but especially toilets. When he was just getting mobile and starting to eat the delicious organic vegetarian fare I was dishing up, I was mortified to find him chowing down on a chunk of the toilet flusher at mum and dad’s. That bathroom now has a lock on the outside to prevent future toilet incidents. I’m usually pretty good at keeping the doors closed here and thankfully the door handles are high, but in the rush for the first swim, I’d left our ensuite door ajar and that’s all he needed. I found him standing on top of the toilet flushing it. Dressed in his bathers and wearing his life jacket and laughing and laughing. I would later discover that he had put a rubber duck in the toilet and a fun little fact is that rubber ducks don’t flush, even if flushed countless times.


The actual swimming went quite smoothly today. Bede took to it like a duck to water (haha) and was kicking and splashing and displaying all sorts of future Olympian style moves. Paddy was a bit more reserved but loved it nonetheless. We even managed to get them out without any tantrums. I couldn’t believe our luck until…we made it inside. I’ll know for next time to have some spare towels lying around, there can never be too many towels. Both boys slipped on the floor (which had just been freshly mopped so there was no raisin bread crumbs and dried pieces of watermelon to slow them down) fell over and hit their heads and then cried until they had some yoghurt to make it all better.

We’ll try again tomorrow.


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