Greetings from Robe! (A pretty lengthy postcard)

Dear everyone at home,

I don’t how I’ll possibly cope making my own breakfast next week.  For the last week I have gorged on such delights as avocado on toast, mushrooms on toast and I even had waffles with ice cream once.  Today I turned the wireless on (which just so happens to be an app on my phone) and expected to hear Jon Faine’s voice but it turns out it was actually Saturday morning – that’s the sign of a good holiday.  And it has been a good holiday despite the rocky start.


Rewind to last Sunday when we arrived.  Neither Shane nor I are particularly organised and I guess mum was relying on us to know where we were going.  We sort of knew where to go and then followed the signs to Robe – quite amazing considering that mum and I didn’t notice crossing the Vic/SA border and couldn’t remember seeing a speed limit sign anywhere.  We knew that we were staying on The Esplanade and thought ‘ripper, that must be in a good position’.  Well, I can tell you that there are dangers to shopping online.  After driving around for an age and coining the phrase ‘I’m on holidays AND I’M RELAXED!’ (said in an ironic fashion) we eventually found our digs.  The Esplanade was not like the one in St Kilda.  Nor was it particularly close to shops.  It was a fair way out of town but admittedly, was just a hop, skip and jump from the beach.  If you’re that active.  For me, it’s about 50 steps.


No bugger was prepared to do the research and book the house and I now know why – they don’t want to be the ones to cop the blame.  I had a pretty strict set of criteria to work with – enclosed yard, close to beach, close to shops, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, supplied linen and towels.  I sort of got most of these right.  I knew that I’d booked a place called ‘The Retro’ and I knew that it was a 70s fibro and thought this would be fab because I like things a bit retro.  The place certainly smelt funky.  But nothing a good airing out wouldn’t fix.  It had two bathrooms of sorts, with the added quaint feature of an outside toilet for that really authentic feel.  The other bathroom was an ensuite not even big enough to fit a cat in let alone swing it.  But that’s ok because the boys ended up in this room due the layout of the house and the fact that if they were in any other room we’d have to whisper so as not to wake them once they’d finally gone to sleep.  This left poor mum in the single bed but with the option of the other single for her stuff and Shane and I in the double.  The queen size bed was going to waste with portacots wedged in around it. As for the rest of the checklist – a half hour walk into town, no enclosed yard but the linen and towels were supplied.  I’m more of a ‘big picture’ person.


This was our first trip to Robe and we had been warned that ‘it’s gone a bit yuppy’.  Apparently we are yuppies because it suited us down to the ground.  I’ve been trying to convince Shane that we should bring the dogs next time – he’s not so keen.  But given that Sam got out again (without killing any chooks yay!) while we were away, maybe we should have brought him along.  The colour of the water here is really something else.  And while friends and family have been sweating away in a heatwave, we’ve had to don jumpers and jeans which is exactly my kind of weather.


As a result of holidaying with two small children, we spent a great deal of time in parks.  This holiday will be remembered as the holiday of the park.  And food.  And remembering what an excellent invention champagne is.  I’ve stopped breastfeeding the boys and whilst I’m not drinking like and 18yo on schoolies, it is nice to indulge a little bit.


One more anecdote before I go…tonight we ordered Malaysian for dinner and mum was going down to pick it up.  It was to be ready at 7:30.  When 8pm came and went I was beginning to get worried.  I thought that perhaps mum was lost, that the food wasn’t ready, that something was wrong with our car and a million other things besides.  Turns out that our order had been given to a chap by the name of Peter Young.  He’d taken it home, realised it wasn’t his and brought it back.  It was a bit hectic in the kitchen for a while as the staff realised the error and tried to work out what to do.  Meanwhile mum and Peter had a chat and get this – he went to school with the bloke who lives next door to my aunty.  Don’t ask me how they worked that out, but mum is the queen of idle chit chat.  The world is indeed a small place.

Wish you were here,


Hannah, Shane, Bern, Paddy and Bede.




4 thoughts on “Greetings from Robe! (A pretty lengthy postcard)

  1. Hope you managed to get some relaxation in. I think I could have stayed in that house when I was a teen, friends of our family used to own it. She was pretty basic back then in the late 80’s. It’s a great spot for the beach lovers though.

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  2. Ah, good times, good times! Next holiday had better be to the mountains! Linen and towels provided, three bedrooms, only one bathroom, BUT a verandah and view that makes you want to shower outside under the hose! We wish we were with you in Robe too instead of pouring a bowl of cornflakes and preparing to mow the lawn….. x


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