Monday, bloody Monday.

Daylight savings has played havoc with this household. At least that’s what I’m blaming. I know that we gained an extra hour and all that, but trying to get the boys to bed of a night when it’s still light outside is quite tough. And they’ve been waking super early. Most mornings begin at 5am lately. It’s as though they have this little inbuilt alarm clock and they never hit snooze.

So today, Paddy and I were up whilst Shane and Bede had a leisurely snooze.

Even being up at that hour, I knew we’d be pushing it to get to the vet by 10:30 for Sam the Wonderdog to get his stitches out.

And we were.

We were all dressed and Paddy was in the car. Picked up Bede – of course he’d done a poo. Off to the change mat and what a doozy it was. It was the kind of poo you hear about. I’ve heard it described as a ‘number 3’ – a poo explosion. Dear me. It required an entire new set of clothes, about 7654 wipes and a dish of water with laundry soaker.

Then I had to remember the dog. I have actually driven down the street – thankfully not out of town – on the way to the vet without the dog before so it was lucky I remembered him today. For the past two weeks Sam has been in some kind of solitary confinement to protect his wound. He hasn’t been allowed in with Tex and he’s even had a rest from the boys. But he’s not really an inside dog. He took to howling like a wolf when inside so we compromised and let him live in the pool yard. The problem with this is that the pool yard is like Fort Knox – which is a good thing as it keeps the boys out – but it’s tricky to navigate when you’ve got his conefaced head out with letting Tex in and then get him to the car.

Off we went on apparently the longest straight stretch of road in Victoria – I haven’t actually checked this fact but Shane tells me it is so and it is very straight. It may also be the bumpiest road in Victoria.

Paddy didn’t mind the bumps and fell asleep. I guess that’s what happens when you’re up at that hour. He was less than pleased when I had to wake him to take him into the vets. Sam was very brave while he got his stitches out but Paddy went out in sympathy with him and cried the whole time. This caused the vet, who bears a striking resemblance to Barry Jones (who, incidentally, is a hero of mine) to comment that ‘life was tough’. I think he was referring to Paddy rather than me or Sam.

Then I was busting to go to the toilet. I think I’ve written before about my ‘nanna bladder’ and that straight bumpy road doesn’t do me any favours. I was silly enough to think I could go the loo at the park without the boys noticing where we were. Wrong. The park in Warracknabeal is an excellent park. It’s got all sorts of animals to look at as well as the playground. But it’s also frought with danger when there as the solo responsible adult for two boisterous boys because it’s close to the road and the river.

Back in the car and on the straight bumpy road home. About three minutes into the trip, all three of the buggers went to sleep. ‘Ow Nice’ I thought to myself in the voice of Onslo from “Keeping Up Appearances”. But at least I had my ‘wireless’ and my faithful friends on the ABC and Faine’s Conversation Hour today happened to be about “The Dressmaker” which was interesting because some of it was filmed around these parts.  I also noticed lots of stumpy tail lizards today and most of them were in pairs.  I wondered if they were partners, friends or a parent and child.  And I was careful not run over any of them.

Tex and Sam were very happy to be reunited and we were all very happy to sit in the sun and eat watermelon and think ‘life is so good’.


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