Taking Stock

One of life’s greatest luxuries is getting set up with a mountain of weekend papers, a pot of tea and a couple of hours all to oneself. Uninterrupted. Then when your head hurts because of all the serious stuff and your heart hurts because of the horrible stuff, you can flick through the lifestyle mags and redecorate your house (in your mind at least) and rip out recipes that you know you’ll never make. My favourite bit of these magazines is the bit at the end when a celebrity or someone of note is interviewed about things they love, couldn’t live without etc etc etc. I always wonder if they really do/think/say/have/love what they say they do or is it what they think they should? I guess we’ll never know!

I’m currently attempting to complete a course on blogging called ‘Blog with Pip’. As usual, I’m running late with it and last week’s assignment was this – “Taking Stock” and I loved it and decided to do it. So I’ve been writing it in my head for a little while. I also loved writing this because it took me straight back to my teenage self in the 90s. Hanging out at the communal desk at home on the computer, with the dial up internet, pretending I was completing homework but mostly on MSN chatting away to everyone I’d just spent the entire day with at school and reading and replying to Hotmail emails just like the list below. All about the whole – coke or pepsi? Winter or Summer? You know, those kind of deep and meaningful things. I’m not going to lie, this is quite self-indulgent and it’s been great. But which are real and which just make me sound good?! You decide.

Making: A mess.

Cooking: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas.

Drinking: Sparkling water with lemon cos I’m hardcore like that.

Reading: I’ve just started “The Dust That Falls From Dreams” by Louis de Bernieres

Wanting: Ice cream and lots of it. I’m currently also attempting I Quit Sugar.

Looking: At the mess on the floor and not caring because it’s Friday night and I’m off the clock.

Playing: Not right this minute, but generally a great deal of blocks, trucks and soccer style ball kicking.

Deciding: Whether to do the dishes tonight or not.

Wishing: That I could see my dad for just one more day.

Enjoying: This glorious spring weather. Not too hot, not too cold.

Waiting: For November and our beach holiday.

Liking: Gogglebox. I friggin love that show.

Wondering: If the boys will ever sleep all night. In their own beds.

Loving: That I’ve found a couple of minutes every day to read lately.

Considering: Some late night online shopping.

Watching: Open Slather recordings.

Hoping: That the boys will be kind, compassionate and thoughtful humans.

Marvelling: At the fact that I went to bed one day as a footloose and fancy free 16yo and woke up 30.

Needing: Ice cream. And lots of it.

Smelling: Penang Curry from Thai Basil. The greatest.

Wearing: My pjs.

Following: Lots of vegans on Instagram because I wish I was that good of a person.

Noticing: That the number of flies has significantly decreased this week.

Knowing: That it will all be ok. Because it has to be.

Thinking: About maybe starting to get organized for Christmas. Maybe.

Feeling: Content.

Admiring: People who have jobs and kids.

Sorting: Washing and toys.

Buying: Groceries.

Getting: Tired.

Bookmarking: I haven’t worked out how to do this on a computer.

Disliking: Prejudice, intolerance and cruelty.

Opening: A Maxibon. I’m sorry IQS, I needed this. I’ll be straight back on the lemon water in the morning.

Giggling: At Karl Pilkington. No matter how many times I see/hear him.

Snacking: Mostly on nuts. Except for the rogue Maxibon.

Coveting: Some luxuriously comfy new Birkenstocks.

Helping: Sam the dog drink and eat. Only two more days until the cone comes off and the stitches come out.

Hearing: The dulcet tones of Phillip Adams.

Go on, give it a crack.  Choose to be a celebrity in a magazine or a teenager from the 90s!

Go on, give it a crack. You can pretend that you are either a celebrity in a magazine or a teenager in the 90s.


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