Welcome to the mad house!

It’s been quite the week here at home on the range.  And it’s only Thursday.

Sam had his big op (the SECOND! knee reco) on Monday and he stayed in overnight.  Despite the fact I was pretty concerned about him, this was actually the most stress free day.  The rest of Monday was taken up with the usual chaos that ensues after returning from a week at home home.  Unpacking, washing, trying to explain to the boys that ‘nanny’ was back at her house and convince them to have a snooze – just a little one.  On Tuesday we had to go and pick him up.  To make myself feel better for putting him through this pain (even though it’s for his own good in the long run), I got him a comfy new bed.  I’m fairly confident it will be ripped to a million pieces and strewn throughout the house and yard once he feels a bit better.  But that’s ok – it can be a barometer for his recovery.  I was completely unprepared for how raw the wound was and how sad he was and I was really glad that I’d also stocked up on a few chewy treats for him.  As a side note – picking up Sam involved driving to Warracknabeal, 39kms away, getting the boys out of the car, into the pram, into the vet, getting Sam – Shane had forgotten to leave his lead with him so the lovely vet nurse carried him out to the car for me – getting the boys out of the pram, back into the car, pram away and stopping Sam from trying to launch himself into the back seat despite his condition and the cone on his head.  Then we drove the 39kms home.

The oldest boy, the wound and the cone.
The oldest boy, the wound and the cone.

Life as we know it now consists of keeping Sam away from the boys and his four legged brother Tex.  I like to call Tex ‘Whiskey Texas Sunset’ but he is perhaps more accurately described as ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacare’ because despite his lovely nature, his enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of him and he can be a bit overwhelming.  It’s best that none of the boisterous boys go near the patient.  His wound is far too tempting.  So he is holed up in the bathroom unless the boys are asleep (haha) or in the swing when he is allowed out for a wander.  And, bless him, he thinks that every time he gets let outside he’s going for a walk.  So I have hope that he will get better very quickly and back to his muck raking ways.  Fingers crossed because it’s wearing thin already.

The other, perhaps bigger issue this wee is the flies.  I know that we’re coming into summer and all that jazz but…the flies are unbearable already.  And they’re not just flies.  I haven’t seen a normal one yet.  Only a billion blowies every single day.  I’ve always been a bit hesitant about using fly spray.  I remember learning in about year 10 science that it works by making their heart beat so fast it gives them a heart attack and they die.  This may or may not be correct.  But I think that was a fairly inhumane way to kill something – even a fly.  On a side note, is there ever a humane way to kill anything?  Is that an oxymoron?  Anyway, this week, I have taken to brandishing the fly spray can with gay abandon.  I’ve already been through two cans.  So not only am I committing mass murder on a daily basis, I don’t even want to think about the chemicals in the air or the damage to the environment from the cans.  I am sick with myself for how selfish I have been.  The plague is so bad that the boys have taken to sitting at the windows and chasing the flies and trying to catch them.  Some may even have been eaten.  At first I was mortified.  Then I thought that it’s probably good for their hand/eye coordination.

A spot of blowfly catching.
A spot of blowfly catching.

BUT – I think we may have stumbled upon a solution for the fly problem.  The dog/children/dog problem will hang around for a bit longer.  And let’s not mention how put out the cat is that the house appears to have gone to the dogs.  Shane whipped into Bunnings and came out with one of the magnetic fly screen door hanger things.  You know, the ones on the home shopping where the actors walk breezily in and out and it automatically closes?  That’s the one. It sort of works.  It’s not quite that seamless but I must say, the number of flies was seriously lower today.  Thank goodness.  I didn’t use a single pump of the fly spray today.  Yay!

All hail the anti insect magnetic door flap thing.
All hail the anti insect magnetic door flap thing.

Now I’m off to do some physio on Sam’s leg, have a shower, read a page and then be woken by the boys.


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