Pack once, check twice

I probably should have stayed home yesterday.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  I was indecisive from the start –  a). ‘Should I put them to bed and then go into town in the afternoon?’ b). ‘Should I go now, let them have a snooze on the way in, do my jobs and hope they sleep on the way home?’ Or, and this is probably what I should have done, c). Should I stay home and send the shopping list to Shane?’.  But no, I went with B.  After being ‘home home’ for a week our supplies were running low and I was having Aldi withdrawals.  The boys were also a bit grumpy and I thought it would do us all some good to have a change of scenery.  Make it ‘town day’.  They’d been flirting with gastro-like nappies for a day or so but nothing too extreme and I put it down to their teething.  They really are this time – I can see the points of several teeth ever so slowly piercing their way through the gums on both boys and it looks painful.

So far so good.  The plan is going well.  I leave the boys with Shane at the park and head to the supermarket on my own – what a triumph?!  This is partly because it’s easier to get things done on my own (obviously) but mostly because they have finally outgrown my beautiful Tula baby carrier (which was a very sad milestone for me) and I don’t trust them to go rogue in the trolley or hold my hand just yet.  Bang.  Got the shopping done toot sweet and headed back to headquarters.

I knew we were in strife when Shane said, more like yelled in a panicked manner – ‘can you bring the nappy bag in?’ whilst waving his arms.  Heck.  This could be bad.  I asked, scared of the answer, ‘do you need a change of clothes or just nappy?’  An entire change of everything would be necessary.  I went to the back of the car, checked my amazing nappy bag (the first baby item I bought, way too big to have ever fitted underneath any pram or be remotely practical like that, but I’ve never been one for functionality) and to my horror, there was not a single change of clothes.  There was a beanie, about three pairs of socks and a bug like toy with a bell inside.  But not even a singlet.  I went through a stage of always packing a spare outfit whenever I left the house so I had become complacent.  I was sure, absolutely sure there would have been at least a Wondersuit in there.  Nope.

‘Haven’t got any clothes in here’ I yell.  I’m yelling because he is at the playground and I am in the carpark.  Fortunately there are no other park goers – this will also be a blessing in the next part of the story.  We decide that I better high tail it to Target to get some clean clothes.  It is times like these that I am grateful for my laid back husband.  He remained cool, calm and collected despite knowing the gravity of the situation better than anyone.

Back to the park, supplies in hand and ready to face the task at hand.  I was lucky enough to get some of the new Bonds print zip suits which made everything almost better.  By this stage both boys needed a change so being the team that we are, we set up a mobile changing station.  It was messy but I’ll spare you the details.  They were cranky and upset and I think the grounds staff may have heard them expressing their displeasure over the drone of their machinery.  That, or they were keeping their machinery going to drown out the noise.

It’s been a similar scene several times since as we are well and truly in the grip of ‘runny tummy’,  but I’ve had the good sense to remain at home and close to a well stocked wardrobe.  I’m also thankful that we tend to buy baby wipes in bulk.  And although I do usually use cloth nappies, I have admitted defeat during this period and am churning through the disposables.

I take comfort in the fact that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and that it can’t last forever.  I’m willing to accept more motivational quotes in the form of cliches or memes to get me through.


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