An open letter to Richard Stubbs

Dear Mr Stubbs,

We’ve never met, but I’m pretty sure we’re best friends. We have so much in common it couldn’t be any other way. We’re both the children of nurses, both funny (you, legitimately so, me – to the audience in my mind) and both cheer for the red and white. We really should get together to discuss the coaching styles of Eade, Roos and Longmire sometime soon. But the reason why I believe we are/should be/would be/might be (pick whichever you like!) firm friends, is because we chat almost every week day from 1-3pm and there’s never an awkward pause.

Richard (if I may be so bold), we’ve been together through thick and thin for a while now; from when I was at uni, through my early teaching career to where I find myself now – a mother at home with two small children. Throughout all of these changes, you’ve been a constant, trusted, reliable companion. I can always count on you to make me laugh, to teach me something and to help me see the world in a different light.

But to be honest Stubbsy, I’ve been taking a bit more than I’ve given to the relationship, especially in the last twelve months. I’ve come to depend on you a bit more than usual. I’ve always done a great of driving – between Yarrawonga, Melbourne, Jeparit/Dimboola and a thousand places besides with the radio tuned to 774. But lately, I’ve been planning drives to occur between the hours of 1 and 3 in the pm. You see mate, I’ve got twin boys who are quite sleepless during the day. They both have a serious cases of FOMO (fear of missing out) and strong wills and are convinced that sleep is a form of torture. So we go driving and listening and eventually, as they listen to the dulcet tones of Uncle Stubbsy, they drift off to sleep, I drink my cup of tea as we tour the Wimmera and we all have an excellent afternoon. And I silently thank you for accompanying me on yet another ‘snooze cruise’ because even after almost ten years, I haven’t graduated from the long time listener to the first time caller. I thought I’d write instead.

So thanks bestie – for all the afternoons past and for all the afternoons to come!

From your friend,



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